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The Receivers Inc. offers expert receiver services in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

For 33 years, The Receivers Inc. proudly served Colorado, handling hundreds of civil actions as a receiver appointed by the District Courts in counties such as Adams, Arapahoe, Archuleta, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, El Paso, Garfield, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer, Las Animas, Mesa, Moffat, Morgan, Pueblo, Routt, and Weld.

Additionally, Mr. Grothe has served as a court-appointed receiver in an SEC action in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, as well as in civil actions in Utah and Nevada.

The Receivers Inc. also acted as an owner representative or supervisor for the demolition, reconstruction, renovation, and build-out of leased premises for commercial properties throughout Colorado. They prepared properties for sale and secured and protected bank collateral until sale transactions were closed.

While we no longer provide services in Colorado, we continue to bring our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence to our current service areas.


Business Owners

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Real Estate Owners & Investors

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Educational/Medical Institutions

Business Restructuring

A legal receiver can be appointed to take control of a financially distressed business, with the goal of restructuring its operations and finances to improve its long-term viability.

Asset Management

A receiver can be appointed to manage and protect assets that are the subject of a dispute or are at risk of being lost or mismanaged. This could include managing assets in a bankruptcy proceeding, or managing assets that have been seized as part of a criminal investigation.

Debt Recovery

A legal receiver can be appointed to recover debts owed to a creditor. The receiver can take control of the debtor's assets and manage them in a way that maximizes the recovery of the creditor's debt.

Intellectual Property

A receiver can be appointed to manage and monetize intellectual property assets, such as patents or copyrights, that are involved in a legal dispute.

Real Estate

A receiver can be appointed to manage and operate a property that is involved in a legal dispute, such as a foreclosure or bankruptcy proceeding. The receiver can collect rent, make repairs, and take other necessary steps to preserve the property until the legal issues are resolved.

Private Client Services

If an individual is owed money by a debtor who is unable or unwilling to pay, they may be able to seek the appointment of a receiver to take control of the debtor's assets and use them to satisfy the debt.

Fraud Investigation

A receiver can be appointed to investigate and recover assets in cases of fraud or other financial wrongdoing. The receiver can take control of the assets in question and use their expertise to trace and recover any misappropriated funds.

Non-Profit Management

A receiver can be appointed to manage the operations and finances of a struggling non-profit organization. The receiver can work to restructure the organization and its operations, with the goal of improving its financial sustainability and ability to achieve its mission.

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