Add Stability to an Unstable Situation

Once you identify a potential problem loan or defaulted credit, we would gladly come in to sit down and discuss an overall strategy as many times we can identify a viable workout solution to maximize recovery whether it involves appointing a receiver or not. There have been many instances where we are able to purchase the note or find an investor to take the problem off your books without incurring any legal action.

Receiverships have been around for hundreds of years and they are an excellent way for a creditor to turn the unknown into factual information without taking title to assets or incurring liability for potential lawsuits and negative publicity. It is a way to add stability to an unstable situation. A receiver should be your plow to work toward resolution of any defaulted loan/credit that involves Real and/or Personal Property in order to allow you to make prudent decisions on the best course of action with the power of the courts behind you.

Since many receiverships are often adversarial and combative with the defendants, why put your Officers/directors/bank at risk when you can appoint a competent, trustworthy team to handle it for you?

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